Why We're Here

Why We Are Here

Meeting people should be easy. And if you’re not meeting them, you can at least feel like you are. We are a team of Doers who solve problems to make things easy for you. The Corridor area has a population of almost half a million people according to the 2017 US Census, so why do we tend to come across the same people?

Well, the whole process is a pain in the you-know-what and not everyone is up to deal with it. It takes a big commitment to do the work! If you’re like me, the thought of being around new people in a new environment is probably anxiety-inducing enough, and at first glance it has no guaranteed payoff. 

You aren’t alone in anything you’re doing or the thoughts you’re having. The one thing we inherently crave as humans is Connection. We are all sharing this life together. I don’t care if you make $10/hr or a $10M bonus every year, there has been a time you’ve felt alone or had doubt. Same. Not only are you wanted in the business community’s events, but you are needed. All of us here at CCN have experienced the transformation from isolation to connectedness, and we want to you to experience it too. 


1. THE Calendar for US

All the networking events in the Corridor on ONE calendar, here. And now there’s a level playing field. Big or small, we present it all, so you can decide what you want to attend, and what’s right for you. We’ve even separated them out as Paid (green) and Free (blue). You no longer have to search the interwebs and rely on Facebook suggestions. We’ve done that and more for you already, always with our ear to the ground.

Got the ins on something we don’t have posted? Please let us know so we can add more!

2.  Stories

 About real people, and the real issues and struggles they’ve gone through. We share these stories courageously and authentically so you can really get to know those of us who are out there doing it, and see that we are people just like you, who want to meet you, and want you to come join us and have some fun!

3. Unique perspectives

We are all Individuals who want Community. We feel that sharing our unique perspectives will help you develop and share your own. Because we all do different things and have varying strengths and weaknesses, blind spots and vulnerabilities, we want to help you get new takes on a multitude of topics. With a new theme each week, keep coming back for fresh content. 

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