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Why Employees Leave

 Jan 19, 2020
Rina Jensen
Revolving door, low morale, toxic environment - It’s definitely you, not them….  Recently I had the….. ummm…. Pleasure? Disgust? I had the opportunity to hear...

3 Ways You Can Provide Immediate Value on LinkedIn

 Jan 13, 2020
Matthew Stoneking
Miami has 6.1M people in its metro area. Take that population, now spread it across the world. Nay, let’s trim it down to the two largest bases of LinkedIn members,...

The Elevator Pitch

 Dec 26, 2019
Rina Jensen
Today we are networked through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Shapr, to name a few. We’re creating email lists and groups and pages wher...

How to Make Events More Welcoming

 Dec 22, 2019
Wesley Davis
We've all felt like the odd person out, especially when joining a new professional group. Here are a few ways for organizers and networking pros to make events more...

Competitive Etiquette

 Oct 18, 2019
Rina Jensen
We all know what a person means when they talk about having good etiquette. Politeness, good manners, acceptable behavior. Rules of conduct… typically unspoken among...

Two Keys to Outstanding Client Management & Networking

 May 28, 2019
Rina Jensen
I’m not about to share anything we don’t already know, at least on some level, but I will share it in a way that will help us see relationships a little differently...

The Top Three Tips and Tricks of Networking

 May 18, 2019
Rina Jensen
So you’re networking…. You’re going out to business-type events and you’re expected to meet people and produce some business, right? No.

A Boozer’s Misconceptions About Networking 

 May 14, 2019
Matthew Stoneking
Going to Happy Hour was always a walk on the tight rope for me. I questioned how anyone could have two or three drinks over several hours and have a good time, build...