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5 Things You Can Do To Stay Productive

 Mar 26, 2020
Devin Green
More and more people are working from home. Some of us are vetted in the process. Others are struggling to get anything done. These five things have helped me stay p...

7 Ways You Might be Flawed in your Thinking

 Feb 29, 2020
Rina Jensen
"Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so." – Shakespeare Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone’s assumption and you have no idea how t...

Workflows and Routines

 Jan 05, 2020
Devin Green
Everyone needs to keep on their toes when it comes to their craft. There are a TON of ways to beat procrastination and overscheduling. The trick is to find the one t...

Enhancing Creativity

 Jun 20, 2019
Matthew Stoneking
Truth is, you don’t have to get weird. You don’t have to do drugs. You don’t have to get buckets of bright paint and upset yourself, throwing the paint on canvas whi...

Getting started – take the damn step

 Jun 14, 2019
Rina Jensen
This is for all of you perfectionists out there. The ones hiding behind the idea that everything must be perfect at launch. I totally get it! Don’t get me wrong, l...

Be Fearlessly Authentic

 Jun 07, 2019
Rina Jensen
“Authenticity is the willingness to be who we are, to accept where we are and know how to find grace, courage and peace when we need it most. And to allow others the...

The Dots Finally Connected

 Jun 03, 2019
Matthew Stoneking
I lost my identity getting wrapped up in being what others wanted me to be. It wasn’t their fault. It was mine for not having congruency in my life, for not fulfilli...

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