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Matthew Stoneking
Connections & Communications Strategist

I help you recruit, train, develop and sell by communicating with purpose via marketing materials, copywriting, training documents, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, workshops and seminars, and other communications. My core values are Authenticity, Curiosity, Clarity, Connection, and Courage. These core values naturally flow from beginning to end. It is my purpose to help other people and organizations discover the freedom and abundance that naturally come from them.

Rina Jensen
Business Resiliency Coach

What drives me Happiness. But let’s be real about this. Working with me does not mean all Unicorns and Rainbows. We deal with real emotions. We dig into the why behind the want. Your breakthroughs drive me. Those make me happy. My desire to see you succeed is unmatched.

Devin Green
Graphic & Web Designer

I'm Devin Green. I’ve been doing graphic and web design for 12+ years. I’m self taught. My tools of the trade are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Webflow, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I also use Webflow and OctoberCMS to build websites but I’m not limited to that. I build websites in WordPress as well.

Craig Rice
Web Developer

Craig Rice is a GoDaddy Reseller, website designer and online branding specialist that helps small businesses, organizations, start-ups and entrepreneurs reach a broader audience, generate more website traffic, convert more web visitors into customers and continue to grow their business.

Ben Kaplan

I have been fortunate to work at the area's only locally owned media company as an editor, videographer, photographer and journalist. Within The Gazette Company I have always pushed myself to take on new challenges as the company looks toward the future in a rapidly evolving industry. I strive to always be an engaged and responsible member of my community.